ELLE magazine: An Efficient Method by Florence Escaravage, the Queen of Love Coaching, February 2007


What is ‘Love Coaching’?

Who is it for?

Love coaching is for men and women who want to make positive changes in their love lives but who are not interested in going into psychotherapy.  Rather, they are looking for more immediate results and do not wish to get involved in a long-term psychotherapy process.

How does it work?

Coaching is tailored to your individual personality and situation.  On average, a client will meet his or her coach between two and four times a month over a span of six months.  The face-to-face sessions take place in an office or in a comfortable, private setting.

How is love coaching different from psychotherapy?

While a good coach is not a psychologist, they do need to possess a solid understanding of interpersonal relationships in order to connect with his or her client.  Love-coaching relies on cognitive and behavioral psychological theory. A coach will get you to reflect on your own behavior:  What attitude do you need to adopt in order to make meeting somebody more likely?  A coach will likewise offer advice and techniques to reignite and perfect a relationship.  On the other hand, a psychotherapist or psychiatrist will lead you to delve into your past in order to understand failed romantic encounters, leading to a clearer understanding of past behavior which will then allow a patient to make changes in their current lives – but they will not give concrete counsel about your love life in the same way that a love coach will.