Paris Match: Love - Learn it all, 4-page article on Florence's approach, June 2008


[...] find your soul mate, but also learn how to make your relationship last.  Florence Escaravage, head of Love Intelligence, enumerates her indispensible qualities: “Within my close circle of friends, I have a reputation for being the one people go to with their relationship problems.  I always say what I’m thinking and I’ve got a keen eye, while staying tactful.  I strive to be discerning, not to cut corners, and to find the right solution to help others navigate out of an unsatisfactory romantic entanglement.”  Ex-consultant in communication and marketing, she defines her target audience. “In general, I work with good people who get caught up in bad situations.  Many get tangled up in affairs in which they lose time.  Some women can’t manage to get the respect they deserve, and many men look for a type of woman that they aren’t compatible with…”

And there’s certainly work to be done: “Certain single people aren’t aware of what it looks like to really ‘meet someone’.  Florence clarifies, “…that is, loving somebody for their uniqueness…they’re too focused on their own expectations.  They want a smooth, problem-free relationship.  Yet another belief that holds them back.  On the contrary, love is multifaceted, a tapestry of many colors.  They’re unaware that the beauty of a relationship is born from the fruitful yet trying times when we redefine our commitments to one another, when we readapt, when we discover our partner for who they really are.  Then, finally, we leave the honeymoon phase and pass into a state of real, deep and mature love.”  However, the desire to “fall for someone” often takes precedent.  This can be a real problem, because some people are only looking to relive that initial feeling.

Consumer culture, internet dating, and speed dating, among other factors, have favored this lack of perspective.  “In the beginning, it’s intoxicating, because you’ve got somebody falling all over you.  But we often get hurt,” warns Florence.  “Having a drink with someone that never calls you back, seven or eight times in a row, that’s tough. We also give advice on how to pull off a great first date, how to set up everything to your advantage during that one hour, how to discover the man or woman sitting across from you, how to let them get to know you, how to create a bond.”

So, how should we be acting?  Our specialist shares her secrets: “charm and seduction are essentially messages of well-being directed towards another.  You must be open, engaged, making eye-contact, telling him or her that you’re happy to be there with them.  Of course, ideally you need to meet up more than once!  But, here again, people don’t want to lose time.  Be careful, human beings aren’t disposable!”