Psychologies Magazine: An Undercover Reporter Experiences Florence's Method First-Hand


A journalist from French Psychologies Magazine takes a stab at love coaching.  Without letting on that she’s really there to get an inside look at what this business is all about, the Psychologie’s writer meets with Sonia, one of Love Intelligence’s certified coaches.  Although at first skeptical about the credibility of this newfangled method, our undercover reporter shares the intimate details of her past love affairs, her simultaneous fear of intimacy and hatred of being alone.  After her first two-hour session, however, she found that she was pleasantly surprised.  Her coach made her take an objective look at her actions, putting into question her choice of men that didn’t seem to jive with what she herself said she wanted in a relationship.

“Going back over our conversation, I realized that Sonia had without a doubt done nothing more than carefully push open two or three unlocked doors, doors that were gaping wide in front of my blind eyes.  But these currents of air can provoke healthy aeration.”

Well-known French psychologist Serge Hefez chimes in: “There’s a strong sense of pressure in society around romantic relationships.  Men and women are disoriented.  If a coach can help to ease this anxiety, why not…”

So, why not see a psychologist?  Hefez explains that certain people are afraid of the word ‘shrink’, which automatically makes them think of illness.  What’s more, the work of a psychologist and that of a love coach is not identical.  While a psychologist will ask you to work on a longer term basis and concentrate on making links between your intimate past and your current situation, a love coach is more goal-oriented and focused on the present.