Sensuelle, December 2009 : Find Love this Year with the Help of Florence Escaravage!

It’s been decided…this year, I’m meeting my Great Love!

You’ve had it up to here.  Every year, you promise yourself; “this is it, I’m going to meet my other half,” and come the end of December, you have only a sad list before your eyes: at best, a few lovers in your bed, at worst, the Namibian desert, and in the end, no trace of the love of your life.  You’re not incurably single, like your mother or best friend might think, you just don’t have the right strategy.  Florence Escaravage, founder of Love Intelligence, the leading love coaching business in France, and Nicolas Boothman, author of How to Snag the Love of Your Life in Under 90 Minutes (Comment décrocher l’amour pour la vie en moins de 90 minutes), give you 12 tips to get you going in the right direction. 

1. Tell the difference between attraction and infatuation

2.  Know exactly what you want

3. Concentrate on what you’re feeling, not on them

4. Stop believing in ‘Prince Charming’

5. Don’t wait until age 38 to wake up

6. Create opportunities

7. Train yourself to face the unknown

8. Put yourself in the best light

9. Don’t cheat, be  yourself

10.  Don’t make snap judgments

11.  Don’t be afraid of rejection

12.  Fall in love…and stay there


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