La Tribune, February 13th, 2009: "Love Intelligence galvanizes love"


Love Intelligence galvanizes love

A business that makes LOVE COACHING accessible and professional.


This is the mission that the coaches of Love Intelligence have taken up.  For Florence Escaravage, founder and director, everything started with the request of a friend who didn’t know how to meet the woman he was looking for.

I started to look into the area of relationships, hunting for tools and methods,” recounts Florence.  After a string of similar encounters, she realized that there existed a real demand for relationship counseling, and therefore decided in 2006 to create Love Intelligence. 

I wanted to help those who weren’t interested in going to see a psychologist and who couldn’t find the answers to their questions in the existing material on the subject,” explains Florence Escaravage.

Three years and two monetary contributions later, (300,000 Euros in 2007 and 450,000 in 2008), Love Intelligence employs 15 people in Paris, including five “love coaches”. 

The personalized method which I perfected, validated by a committee of experts presided over by a renowned psychiatrist, has become well-known and is now being exported to the United States,” Florence is pleased to announce.

Her coaches work with roughly 30 clients a day, whether it be via in-person sessions (105 Euros per hour), by telephone, (40 Euros for 30 minutes), or by email, (29.50 Euros), for the simpler questions.

Our site counts 5,000 visits a day,” hits made up of a clientele including single men and men in relationships who are looking for guidance in their romantic relationships.

In 2009, Love Intelligence, already largely accessible, will take their method on television as well as create DVD and book forms.

By Béatrice Delamotte