In my opinion, love is self-evident

In my opinion, love is self-evident

No Need to Look for Love – It will come to Me!

You’ve just told me that love is self-evident, no need to look for it, you’ll stumble across it….by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening!

I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  You consider love to be something unforeseen that comes when we least expect it…and all of a sudden you get the impression that you’re wasting time waiting for it to fall from the sky.

You’re beginning to believe that you’ll never find the ‘right’ person, the one that can make you happy.

Do you know why we build up a long history of failed relationships without understanding why our great love never comes knocking at our door?  It’s because inside of us there exist one or more questions, often poorly expressed, to which we don’t possess the answer.

To move forward, you must have the answer to this question: 

Are you sure you’re in an open state of mind during your encounters?


All the same, being a dreamer in love is quite natural and understandable.  But there’s a time for everything.  Continuing to dream after a certain age often means offering yourself up to disappointment.  I will therefore show you that love depends in part on luck, but that it relies above all else on a good, open disposition.  Waiting for love to come knocking at your door is to close yourself off in a romantic dynamic where you’re the passive spectator.  But in love, it’s completely the opposite!  Take action!  Understanding this will permit you to have the right, open disposition, that which makes the other person want to confide in you, to go further, to get involved, the disposition which turns love into the Great Love…Don’t wait anymore for love to come knocking at your door, go and knock on theirs’ !

Trust me and let me guide you