Love Intelligence crosses the Atlantic

French Love Coaching Company takes their method across the Atlantic: why a Frenchwoman’s take on love has piqued American interest


Why the ‘perfectionist’ American go-getter should sit back, relax, and breathe in some (refreshing) ‘French air’

5 roadblocks that hold us back in love

Florence Escaravage was immediately recognized in France for the strength of her approach to love, which seeks to break through the over-bearing feeling of self-control, a constriction often unsuitably employed in matters of the heart, where it can actually harm our relationships.  An expert in the psychology of love, Florence Escaravage, drawing on her countless consultations, identified the 5 perpetual roadblocks responsible for long ‘single periods’, or for the inability to find love.

Because it is not always necessary to see a psychologist to succeed in our romantic relationships, Florence wanted everyone to be able to develop their maturity in regards to their love life.  Solely reading a book being ineffective, she created exercises that necessarily push each person to question their individual love lives.  In this way, her method allows you to discern what works in the interest of your happiness, IN THE LONG TERM.

Because ‘love’ is inherently destabilizing, confusing and opaque, Florence was very invested in structuring her method in the clearest, most obvious and most efficient way possible, in a way that was even closer to the concept of ‘coaching’ than to behavioral psychology. 

Quickly becoming a victim of her own success, she was unable to schedule consultations with everyone who solicited her.  She therefore began sending self-coaching exercises via email so that people could themselves identify from home if these five roadblocks were « slowing them down » in love, and so that they could learn, thanks to her approach, how to blast them out of the way.

That je ne sais quoi, or a ‘certain something’:  Are we wrong to smooth over our flaws and foibles?

This past year, Florence has been receiving more and more requests from Americans, (single, divorced or in deceptive relationships), among whom she almost always found reoccurring instances of people who didn’t take into account the importance of true individuality, the essence of one’s personality.  After living and working for two years in America during the beginning phase of her career, Florence noticed that certain Americans, (as with certain French people!), have become detached when it comes to love; the control they apply in the work world spills over too much into our love lives.  For example, certain women, more and more efficient in the workplace, may sometimes unconsciously bring their controlled ‘work-persona’ to their personal lives, thus preventing genuine emotional connection.  Moreover, the standardized vision of beauty and attraction so prevalent in the American media set unreachable – and very homogenized – models for how to flirt and ‘appear alluring’.  The result is a loss of uniqueness and idiosyncrasy, the very things that inspire genuine connection.

‘French Touch’, with a pragmatic twist

More and more Americans know about her work and are interested in an English-language version of her services – and they’re finally here! A Parisian born and bred, Florence can claim intimate knowledge of the ‘romantic French mentality’.  However, Florence’s method isn’t built on an idealized vision of love; her attitude is very feet-on-the-ground, since her real aim is entirely pragmatic; she couldn’t stand to see men and women let their love lives pass them by because they are perennially slowed down by one of the five reoccurring obstacles.

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Her 5-step approach

For example, the exercises in step 1 allow one, using a line self-questioning, to identify and eliminate negative habits or (unconscious) thoughts that hold us back in love which stem from the beliefs we gain from the people around us, from our family, or from our personal history.

Step two asks each of us to reflect on who can make us happy IN THE LONG RUN, a step particularly necessary for those of us whose demands are often unconstructive, leading to dead end and disappointing relationships. This step helps them understand what it means to “let yourself be surprised by love”.

In reference to step 3, Florence noticed a thousand times that the feeling of love is inspired and deepened in others when we know how to bring out what is unique in us. Florence’s third step helps you to search yourself for your uniqueness, the essence and spice of your personality, through exercises applied to your life path. The result? You will allow others to see this singularity, too! You radiate authenticity and your personality, whatever it is like, rings true.  You inspire affection much more easily.

Step four concentrates on helping you get in touch with your natural charm, as well as on identifying and attracting those who are really made for you by bringing out the essence of your personality and by developing your capacity to bring out the true nature of others, to connect to people, and to bridge the gap between yourself and the people you find attractive.

Step five will help one to cement a long lasting relationship and work on establishing intimacy and strong foundations. 

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The method’s effectiveness rests both in the fact that it has clearly extracted these 5 reoccurring stumbling blocks and in its inclusion and improvement over the years of these self-coaching exercises.

How this method took hold in France

The method has been discovered by journalists, (who themselves tested the method), intrigued by Florence’s entrepreneurial flair and love-expertise, and above all, by the psychological community, who wish in fact to be trained in this method: Love Intelligence receives more than a hundred applications from psychologists requesting training so that they can help their own patients via this solid approach. 

What’s included in the method?

1.        5 handbooks that detail Florence’s approach;

2.        Exercises designed to remove personal obstacles by applying the method in your day-to-day love life;

3.        Interaction with Florence’s staff of relationship counselors through the VIP section of the website, in which these professionals help each client realize the full potential of their love lives according to their own relationship status, context and personality.

Florence’s Publications

Florence has also written several reference books in her area of expertise, including Les relations amoureuses pour les Nuls(Relationships for Dummies) and La drague pour les Nuls (Flirting for Dummies), both published by First Editions.

Noteworthy events and media

In 2009, Florence had the honor of being chosen to be a part of an exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Museum in Paris for the exhibition, “Femmes Passionnées” (“Passionate Women”); her portrait hung in the gallery alongside fellow experts in their respective fields. 

The French media take more and more of an interest in her work and her forward-looking approach with each passing year.  She has appeared on the some of France’s most well-known television stations as interviewee or as the subject of the program, as well as on the French daily news (,

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Florence Escaravage, founder of Love Intelligence, was born in 1970 in Paris, France, and has lived 2 years in the United States.

Florence created a committee of experts to construct and inform her method, including one of France’s most well-respected psychiat

rists, Dr. Serge Hefez, psycho-therapist Sylvie

Tenenbaum, as well as numerous sociologists.

Through her independent studies and experience and in consultation with fellow experts in psychology and love, she has developed a well-known Certification of love coaching, with the aim of further professionalizing the field of relationship counseling.

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