5 easy steps to love: effects in your love life

The effect each step of the Love Intelligence method will have on your love life

To feel as light as a feather when it comes to love, there’s step 1!                           


Step 1 is about taking the weight out of your love life, so you can feel lighter. Shed the burdensome beliefs and the ghosts that continue to haunt your love life - you’ll feel yourself take flight.

Step 2 means activating the radar that lets you zero in on the person who’s made for you.                  


In life, you have to know how to spot the person that can make you happy. If you don’t, you run the risk of only meeting duds.  Anyone can meet new people, but only the most skillful know how to meet the kind of people they can really hit it off with.  Your prince or princess isn’t far off -learn how to recognize them! 

Meeting Mr. or Ms. Right takes a little effort!


Step 3 lies at the heart of the Love Intelligence method – it will change your love life!                                   



Forget all you think you know about seduction, and focus on what makes you unique.  We all know that no two people are alike, but understanding your own, personal singularity is a horse of a different color.  Yet this is what you need for an allure that lasts!  Discover your own secret to mass appeal!


How many times have you let love pass you by?  Step 4 will make sure it never happens again!            


To give you BOTH a chance to be ‘pleasantly surprised’ by your first date, there’s step 4.  Don’t sit on the sidelines of your budding relationship - you risk losing your heart’s desire. 


Step 5 turns attraction into love       


Becoming close, investing the right amount of yourself in the relationship, touching the other person emotionally without even realizing it…this is all truly an art.  Get to the heart of the matter, immerse yourself in the relationship as you should, and you’ll never be lonely….this is what step 5 is all about! 

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