5 easy steps to love: explanation

Easy, breezy, beautiful love...5 easy steps to YOUR perfect relationship!


You may not be aware, but love is as easy as 1 2 3…4 5!


Step 1: Take a load off in your love life

All you need is step 1 to open your wings and feel yourself take flight!   It’s pretty frequent to meet people from all walks of life who constantly rehash their past relationships.  There are also those who are too heavily influenced by the family myths and beliefs about love they’ve been imbibing since birth.  Well, we have the solution so that you can finally banish your demons once and for all…and good riddance! Certain parts of your past are weighing you down, and it’s difficult to take a romantic stroll with someone when you’re overloaded with past experiences.  So, yes, it’s about time to free yourself from your past!

Let’s move to step 2: Banish the bad girls/bad boys from your love life!

Here’s the essential step you need to stop falling for the first bad boy (or bimbo, right fellas? We might even include here ‘miss or mister unavailable/unattainable’!) you come across.  Because, in the expression ‘bad boy’, we have the word ‘bad’! So, as Oprah Winfrey so succinctly put it via twitter: “Knowing who you are…helps you attract the kind of relationships that are relevant to your growth”. So, with step two, FINISHED are those treacherous feelings that perpetually lead us towards bad personal choices in our love lives.  With the help of our exercises (designed to help you ‘flick a switch’, so to speak, in your love life), you can leave those bad choices in the lost and found box…because they’ve been ditched by you!  And, the holy grail of dating, you’ll finally know WHO’S got what it takes to make you HAPPY! 

Then comes the moment to dive into step 3: Dare to be original

Step 3, the heart ofthe method that will change your love life!You know the story of the ugly duckling.  Well, can you believe that we feel sorry for him, but at the same time he’s been famous the world-over for centuries!   And why?Because he’s unique, of course!There’s a proverb that goes, “looking back on one’s life, no one is going to remember their peaceful nights of sleep.”  It’s not a gigantic revelation, but we still have to remind ourselves that it’s the times we spent up all night that we remember when we’re older, and it’s for one reason: these nights stood out from the others, and are unique!  Do you see where I’m going with this?Don’t be afraid to be different, and make this uniqueness that belongs justto you your weapon for mass seduction!Do you have a passion?Struggles?Fears?Desires?  Have you made daring life choices?Talk about them, share them!  You’ll only attract people worthy of your attentions – and in the end, that’s all we’re interested in! 

Thank you step 4, which helped me see again!

Let’s not get everything all confused!  When we go grocery shopping, we have a list all set and ready to go. When we want to beattractive, we need to loosen up. Once all of your expectations have been taken into account, you won’t be left with much choice when it comes to looking for a mate.  How many times have you potentially passed by True Love, The One, because you decided too quickly that, no, this man isn’t your type of man, or that this woman didn’t seem, (I said didn’t seem), sophisticated enough for your taste.  There are no miracles in love – it’s key to broaden your circle so that you finally meet the right person.  It’s not easy…but that’s the name of the game, especially in step 4!  One of our most important themes is the following:  attraction is blind, and love gives it sight!  Especially if you’re attracted to the aforementioned bad boys or bimbos, get out of there and see if the grass isn’t greener in another pasture, using the advice in step 4!

And finally, thanks to step 5, you’ll be a champion at love!

After you’ve snagged your catch, there’s a bit more to it than just walking off into the sunset.  Relationships do take work, even after you’re sure you’ve found ‘the One’. There’s a famous French song that goes, “love is never conquered blahblahblah”.   Well, the advice in this song is easier said than done!   If you only take in two words, they should be ‘intimacy’ and ‘communication’!   Never stop talking to one another, and don’t let your relationship go flat.There’s nothing worse than silence and boredom.  Now, don’t get carried away, every second of your life as a couple isn’t going to fireworks and roller coasters.  But under no circumstances should boredom take the upper hand over the sacred intimacy that unites you two in the face of everything the world can throw at you.  Relax and remember every day how lucky you are to have found your other half, that missing puzzle piece!

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