In my opinion... I won't find love any time soon

I don’t get the feeling that I’ll find love any time soon


You’ve just told me that you don’t believe too much in love anymore.  You want to understand… by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening!

I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  Because of deceptions and disillusionment, you have the impression that you’re wasting your time, that love isn’t for you, that you have no luck, or worse, that love is a myth, that it doesn’t exist!  Do you know why we build up a long history of failed relationships without understanding why our great love doesn’t come knocking at our door? It’s because inside of us there exist one or more questions, often poorly expressed, to which we don’t possess the answer.

To move forward, you must have the answer to this question:

Is the problem coming from you?

1.      Do you highlight your strong points, your charm, what makes you unique ?

2.      Do you suceed in creating intimacy with others, that which is the essential base necessary to bring about romantic feeling ?

Understand that the first gift to give yourself in love is to understand what makes YOU unique.

Whatever it’s like, don’t alter your personality! Don’t try to change yourself for somebody else.  It’s a mistake I frequently observe and which often leads to dead ends in love.

However, don’t stay stuck in the dark.  Be curious to understand what’s not working, so that next time, everything becomes clearer.


As soon as you tackle the question of what makes you unique, you’ll understand that you need to give yourself the means to better understand yourself to succeed in your love life: because you will then know how to reveal your charm – but not just any kind of charm! Your natural charm, wherever it is in you (because we women have a tendency to only reveal what we want to reveal, that is, a certain facet of our personality…and in doing so, we suppress much of our attractiveness without knowing it).  This approach has huge repercussions on our charm, our attractiveness and on the intimacy established with another, because this natural charm gives others a ‘hold’ with which to love you.  

Learn how to reveal in you what will make another love YOU, and not someone else!

Trust me and let me guide you.