This program is for:

1. People actively looking for a relationship

2. Those who do not feel that their relationship is working

Love-coaching is not therapy, strictly speaking.  It is instead a goal-oriented, professionalized consulting service that specializes in relationships.  Our method is built on years of face-to-face consulting sessions, research, and especially on the expertise and approach of Florence Escaravage.  We also benefit from the input and theory from well-known, licensed psychologists, some of whom form a committee of experts for the Love Intelligence Company.  All of our coaches are have a solid background in psychology as well as training in our exclusive consulting method. The Love Intelligence approach is structured and designed to produce concrete results; our goal is to help our clients realize the full potential of their love-lives.

This program is therefore for anyone who is dissatisfied with their love-life and wants to prioritize working on this area through professional, pragmatic guidance.