1.       Modifications and waivers: Love Coaching Company can change the terms and conditions of use. Love Coaching Company will inform, by mail, the customer about the modifications, and will give their agreement about the modifications.

2.       Notification: Concerning the notification, please send us an email with the customer’s address (contact@love-Intelligence.fr). Any notice required or permitted by the terms and conditions sent by electronic means shall be deemed sufficient upon receipt of the email to the address specified by the customer. Transfer: No information has to be transferred to a third party by the customer: the use is limited to a personal use and not commercial use.

3.       Applicable Law: This Contract Shall be Governed byFrench law and will be Decided Any dispute only by the French courts. General conditions, all acts and transactions pursuant hereto and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed and construed in accordance with French law and the parties agree to the jurisdiction of France. Jurisdiction: After sending a notification letter to the party about a dispute, the parties have 15 days to resolve the dispute concerning the Terms and Conditions. If not, this dispute will be presented in court.

4.        Autonomy of the contract. In the event that any provision of the Terms is deemed unenforceable under applicable law, the parties agree to renegotiate in good faith to preserve the economic position they enjoy as close to the one mentioned under the provision inapplicable. If they fail to replace this provision a mutually acceptable and applicable, (i) such provision shall be excluded from the terms and conditions, (ii) the remaining terms and conditions shall be construed as if such provision was excluded, (iii) the remaining Conditions will apply in accordance with the conditions of the latter.

5.       Entire Agreement. The terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Love Coaching Company relating to the subject matter referred to therein.

6.       Force majeure. Love Coaching Company shall not be liable for failure or delay in the performance of their obligations under the terms and conditions resulting from causes beyond their control, to include without limitation any cases of force majeure, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, wars, acts of sabotage, network failures, errors in coding of electronic files, software limitations or inability to obtain telecommunications services or government action, provided, However, the parties concerned shall take all reasonable steps to mitigate the effects arising from such situations.

7.       Base negotiation. The client and Love Coaching Company acknowledge and agree that the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations and remedies contained in the Terms are tangible, form the basis of the General Conditions.

8.       Definitions "Client" is the person who registers and purchases a service from the Love Coaching Company in order to purchase products offered by Love Coaching Company dedicated to the site.

9.       "Personal Information for customer" is the name, given name, gender, email address, postal code, telephone number, marital status, and information relating to the client’s personal relationships, the year of birth (in as Love Coaching Company collects such information) of a client.

10.   "Information" means text and images.

11.   "Price" means the purchase price of the product.